When faced with simultaneous unexpected life-threatening family illnesses, Connie felt like she was drowning – as if she was losing her family, her foundation and herself. How does one navigate so much uncertainty at once? Where was the life she was living yesterday and what lies ahead tomorrow?

In Becoming One– A Journey of Self-discovery and Reconnection from Within, Connie Rotella shares how she transformed her emotional vulnerability by accessing a new awareness that connected and harmonized with her life-long passion for dance.

She gained a new understanding of how easy it would be to allow fear to lead and her self-belief to fade and disappear.

Through these darkest of times, by friending a lightness of being within she gained strength by listening to the joyful voice of her inner child. In this candidly-written book, readers are invited to experience their own personal journey and learn how challenges can transform into clarity and appreciation for the bigger picture.

Connie discovered that by listening carefully, the guidance she was seeking was within her all along and she encourages each of us to bravely reconnect with our own powerful voice within, believe in our ability to heal and move boldly toward purpose instead of running from it.

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Becoming One

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