My Dear Connie,

So moved and impressed once again by the Danse 123  Show Awakening at Theatre Desjardins. So proud of our amazing Montreal warrior women Connie Rotella and all the team and teachers and talented students and performers who gave it their all last night! It was truly a magical show. This is the calibre of talent Montreal is made of - now it’s time to give this talent the time of day! Critics, publicity, love, support and appreciation! So much hard work goes into a show like this, and you guys nailed it - again! Bravo

- Producer Victoria Sanchez


Connie Rotella's energy, passion, and warmth are infectious and you feel it as soon as she walks in a room. She is a talented, kind, and extremely hard-working professional who always puts her students first. Mentorship and the future of our industry are her top priorities.

-  Musical Director Chris Barillaro


The decision to register My daughter in dance so many years ago turned out to have such an impact on the trajectory of our family life.  Every year I feel more and more proud to see our girls on stage.

I just wanted to express my gratitude foR YOU and for all the creative work that goes on. The studio has truly been a blessing to Paul and our family, as we watch him grow and express himself through acting !  

- Danse 123 Family Membe

As the owner and artistic director since 2006 of Danse 1…2…3, Montreal’s premiere triple threat performing arts studio, Connie Rotella has had the privilege of helping many young artists develop their talents.

Connie has been dancing, teaching, choreographing and directing professionally for the past twenty five years, working in different styles of dance and performance, on film, television and stage. She trained primarily in Montreal and Toronto and participated in numerous dance workshops in New York and Los Angeles. Closest to her heart has been representing and helping young up-and-coming Canadian performers get established in their careers. Her students performed in the Disney Parade in Orlando and in big Montreal productions, such as Hairspray and Mary Poppins just to name a few and some were hired in lead roles for movies and television series while others are enjoying the professional tour life with companies.




Ma chère et belle amie,

Il y a longtemps que nous voulions travailler ensemble et les circonstances ont fait que ce n’est que dernièrement que c’est arrivé.

Quel plaisir que de te voir travailler, t’investir et te donner pour ce projet de vidéoclip ensemble , pas de demi-mesure avec toi… j’aime ça!

Tu as su me partager ta passion du mouvement, mais aussi m’insuffler ce petit côté “slikce” qui donne à ce clip une touche si “cool”.

Sur le “set”, tu étais en feu et tous les danseurs ont tellement de respect pour toi. C’est formidable de voir cette énergie que tu dégages, hyper stimulant et inspirant.

Bravo et Merci tellement

Bruno Pelletier 

I cannot thank you enough for taking the time out of your extremely busy schedule to help us arrange a troop of fantastic dancers who performed at our show Thursday night. 
I just love the choice of music and dance performance that accompanies our campaign video. The feedback has been amazing.

I was so proud of your team they did an incredible job!

Matthew Wood from Virgin Radio was in our audience and told me this morning that the event has 'legs' that it will grow and continue to succeed.  Maybe so, but I told him that more importantly it had 'heart' because of wonderful people like you Connie and your dancers who are committed and love what you do with a smile and a big heart! A most heart felt thank you from all of us at the JUST FOR KIDS FOUNDATION,  it is because of kind people like you that our events are so special!
Again, it was a real treat to work with you 

Warmest regards and gleefully, 
- Jill


I’ve worked with a lot of talented people In my career, but working with Connie is a privilege. Hope to work with her for a long time...
- Martin Dubé / International Singer and Impressionist Entertainer 


My Dear Connie,

They are no words to express the joy, the happiness and the love that yesterday’s surprise gave me… I’m still so touched and could hardly sleep last night. I drove all night and didn’t even feel the trip…I was on a cloud  ! :) And that’s all because of you …you Connie, you bring so much joy in people lives … you are truly an Angel!

​- Sophye Nolet

Connie has worked closely with many well known French artists for their upcoming tours, video-clips and television appearances. She also worked with casting agents for commercials, TV shows, movies and music videos. She participated as a guest judge on Le Match Des Étoiles on Radio-Canada, and was the first Canadian asked to give a theatrical workshop to the contestants of Season 3 of So You Think You Can Dance, Poland. She choreographed and staged a scene for the Hollywood movie, White House Down. This gave her the opportunity to work with some of the leading producers in the film industry. Connie also choreographed a piece for the actress Linda Sorgini in  “Judy Garland, la fin d’une Étoile, and judged along side Jean-Marc Genereux and Vince Guzzo in “ Dancing with the Stars” for Just for kids foundations. Most recently, Connie directed and choreographed the new hit show for Judith Bérard.

Connie has directed and produced hit shows such as Forever Broadway, Musical Show Off, Panto, and many more with her production company BronCon since 2010. Musical Theatre is her passion, directing is a dream for her upcoming musical she wants to write.

Connie has also worked in many touring productions such as The Musical Revue “Danse-Sing” and Il était une fois un Cabaret, where she contributed to the production for over 10 years as the assistant director, as a choreographer and also as one of the dancers/singers on stage. This production toured theatres across Canada, the U.S. (Cesar’s Palace-Atlantic City), and Europe (Les Folies Bergères-Paris). She also toured for the Canadian Forces which brought her to the Middle-East, Germany, Bosnia, the Arctic, Newfoundland and Masset, B.C. A major success in Connie’s professional career is the Heart of Life Production, a story expressed in voice and movement, inspired by the miracle that saved her son’s life. He was born with a heart malformation and underwent a life-saving open heart surgery. Today he is a happy and healthy little boy who enjoys dancing in his mom’s studio. She also created, produced and directed the Heart of Life song as part of a production that will soon be touring in the near future. She is currently working on a live talk show focused on performing artists. Affiliating herself with casting agencies is her next step to promote the young upcoming performers in the business. Not one to rest on her laurels, Connie has established herself as a writer, director and producer. Connie’s accomplishments have made her a strong, creative, dynamic, and multi-talented individual. She aspires to heighten her success in the field about which she is so passionate. Focused and determined, Connie is tireless in working to achieve her goals. ​In December 2016, Connie became an Amazon bestselling author with the publication of her first book, Becoming One – A Journey of Self-Discover and Reconnection from Within. Her book quickly became an Amazon #1 Hot New Release in personal development and has captured the hearts of readers with 5-Star Reviews on