A “triple threat” dance studio under the direction of Connie Rotella is a place where students of all ages and levels are exposed to all types of music and dance so they become versatile dancers who can do anything you throw them:  dance, acting and singing. These are the “tools”  to become a true “triple threat”.


My first book is a guide- it’s my story really. It’s my heart and words put on paper. It’s that simple. If we can open to the simplicity and beauty of life, wonders can happen. I loved the rush of energy I had writing it and I can’t wait for all of you to read it.  

Exciting News! Newly released Becoming One - A Journey of Self-Discovery and Re connection from Within, is an Amazon Bestseller in Canada!  Order your copy on Amazon Today.


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My First time being an Author

DANSE 1...2...3

We mentor a number of young talented artists aspiring in starring in a LIVE musical production. It's a mentoring program where we guide them in developing a story telling musical through characters in only 24 hours. Then comes the LIVE experience on stage in front of judges and a big public. Its story telling at its best.​​​

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