"​I was surprised by a few of my mixed feelings when reading Becoming One - A Journey of Self-Discovery and Re-connection from Within.  At first, I just thought I would learn more about my friend Connie Rotella, but I quickly realized the contrast I was feeling.  In her book, Connie had masterfully managed to invite me to look introspectively and rediscover....myself!  What began as Connie's journey about self-discovery quickly turned into my own.  I realized that I wasn't alone in this crazy world and that like many others, I had reason to take a closer look at the past, present and into the future. How much of who I am and how I live today is due to my past roller-coaster ride and how much of what I will be tomorrow is a result of how I handle today.  So from what I thought would be an "an easy read", I not only was able to discover the little hidden gems about my friend Connie, but I realized a few hidden gems of my own. 

- Vincenzo Guzzo
President of Cinemas Guzzo



“In Becoming One – A Journey of Self-Discovery and Reconnection from Within, Connie Rotella shares her personal story with an effervescence and passion for life on her sleeve.  Her candor and courage are refreshing. Her lessons learned are uplifting and inspirational. By writing about unexpected stumbling blocks, Connie Rotella teaches us to celebrate all of life’s experiences. I love her style of writing inviting readers to feel s if they are sitting with her in casual conversation.   Becoming One is a source of inspiration for anyone looking for guidance and perspective and to awakened from the inside out.”

- Jean-Marc Generous
Judge, Choreographer, Dancer

“ I do believe that knowledge and life experience can enrich and create a positive environment that everyone can choose to live in!  Connie’s story of    ”Becoming One -A Journey of Self Discovery and Reconnection From Within “ details the challenges she had faced. Through will, perseverance, dedication to change and a strong, confident sense of self-worth, Connie was able to overcome significant personal challenges, drive to a  positive and content lifestyle while clearly coming to the realization of her true values, in her journey through life. Her novel inspires, and is a happy and positive story that is refreshing in a very challenging world that spends too much time and energy dwelling on the negative!

- Tom Quinn O.C. “

“...As she recounts some stories about her life away from the stage, the way in which she has used her talents to get through these tough times is a real inspiration. Becoming One is a reaction to Connie’s incredible life force and energy. Self-actualization has never been described in such an honest, refreshing, and straight- forward manner. This is a must read; words that pop off the page and right into your soul. Just like Connie... it’s the real deal and an experience of pure passion and love.”

​- Tommy Groszman,


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Connie has become one of Montreal's leading personalities when it comes to dance and performing arts. Her enthusiasm is infectious and as a journalist I know who to go to when I need a good quote from someone in this field.

-Mike Cohen
The Suburban



When faced with simultaneous unexpected life-threatening family illnesses, Connie felt like she was drowning – as if she was losing her family, her foundation and herself. How does one navigate so much uncertainty at once? Where was the life she was living yesterday and what lies ahead tomorrow?

In Becoming OneA Journey of Self-discovery and Reconnection from Within, Connie Rotella shares how she transformed her emotional vulnerability by accessing a new awareness that connected and harmonized with her life-long passion for dance.

She gained a new understanding of how easy it would be to allow fear to lead and her self-belief to fade and disappear. Through these darkest of times, by friending a lightness of being within she gained strength by listening to the joyful voice of her inner child.  In this candidly-written book, readers are invited to experience their own personal journey and learn how challenges can transform into clarity and appreciation for the bigger picture.

Connie discovered that by listening carefully, the guidance she was seeking was within her all along and she encourages each of us to bravely reconnect with our own powerful voice within, believe in our ability to heal and move boldly toward purpose instead of running from it.